Girl Tries Birchbox

I’ve always liked the idea of subscription boxes- mostly because I love getting mail. It’s like a present to me from me, and me always loves that. I received a 3-month subscription to Birchbox as a gift, and I’ve gotta say- I’m loving it so far.

My first box was a “customer favorites” box- basically a collection of some of the top rated products. It came in a simple, brown box.


In the box was a perfume sample, an eyeliner, a “lip lube,” sunscreen serum, and a non-aerosol hairspray.Birchbox Aug 2015

I’ve gotta say- I quite liked all of the products I got (except for the perfume which smelled like an old lady). My favorite items was by far the lip lube- it’s a perfect combination of a lip gloss and a chap-stick, giving my lips a faint pink color that’s neutral yet pretty.

FullSizeRender (12)

The hairspray is really nice too, and smells amaaaazing. The sunscreen is nice and light on the face, and the eye-liner was a pretty blue color.

My second box arrived a month later, and this one was much prettier. The box was very modern-art-esque, with a big “You’re Beautiful” in the middle in gold (and I’m like yeah, I know, thanks). sept 2015 birchbox

Inside this box was a perfume sample, a tinted brow gel, a pore-minimizing cleanser, an eye shadow palate, and a style-extending hairspray.

sept 2015 birchbox

I really like that Birchbox gives you a little bit about each product as well as the price for the full size item, so you can buy it right from the Birchbox store if you like it.

sept 2015 birchbox

I honestly loved all of these products (again, with the exception of the perfume, but I’m really not a perfume person). The cleanser was quite nice, and left my face feeling clean without drying my skin. I can’t say my pores necessarily got any smaller, but I also only used the face wash for about a week.

The style extending spray is really nice, smells great, and helps lock in a hair style. It’s especially nice for people like me who have frizzy manes instead of hair.

The eye shadow palate is now a daily staple, as the purple and grey blend really well together for a natural yet smoky look. I’ll sometimes throw the white in the inner corner of my eyelids to add some pop (get it?).

Lastly, the brow gel has been life-changing. I’ve got dark, thick eyebrows, that tend to have a mind of their own- especially when I’m a few weeks out from my last wax. The brow gel not only tames and shapes my brows, but it makes them a bit darker- making them pop even more. Once I run out of my little sample, I’ll purchase the gel for sure.

Did I mention that Birchbox is only $10 a month? Yeah- that’s it. And most of the samples will last you anywhere from a week to 2 months. I would absolutely say try it out, see if you like it. It’s a great way to add some cool makeup to your routine and to get out of your comfort zone a bit.

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