Dogs Try Paw Choice Foaming Dry Shampoo

If there’s one thing that most dogs universally dislike/act pathetic over- it’s baths. While neither of my dogs are particularly problematic, they’re both a two-man job, and I don’t always have a victim, errr…volunteer nearby.

That’s why when Paw Choice offered to send me some free no-rinse dog shampoo in exchange for my honest review, I jumped on the opportunity.

Paw Choice Dry Shampoo

The way this stuff works is simple. You pump some out, and it’s foamy like a hand soap. Then, suds up your pup and rub the shampoo into their fur and let it air dry- and that’s it. This stuff seriously smells better than some human shampoo, and the scent is shockingly long-lasting. I’ve found that my dogs smell like fruity delights for almost a full week after use.

paw choice

This stuff is awesome, because I can clean my dogs in about two minutes, with no mess and no hassle (and no second human needed). Using this also makes brushing easier, since their fur is wet.  It’s also all natural, so it’s great for pups with sensitive skin/allergies.

paw choice dog shampoo

You can pick some up for your pup here.

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