Dogs Try Pet Corrector

We rescued Bailey in June of 2011, and she was enjoying life as an only child until we spontaneously gave her a brother in January of 2015. While Finn was more than happy to have a big sister, Bailey was less than thrilled. She would alternate between tolerating Finn and wanting to kill him, and we were at our wits end. Then, a local dog trainer recommended getting Pet Corrector for when the dogs starting going at it. We were desperate so we grabbed a can, and thank God because it is a pet-correctin’ miracle.

What is it? It’s a can of compressed air.

Featured image

Yes, I’m actually endorsing a product that is a can of air.

How does it work? Just press the top like a little blow-horn.

It releases a really loud, quick hissing sound that catches dogs off guard and causes them to stop whatever nonsense they’re doing. When Finn and Bailey would brawl, we’d bust out the Pet Corrector, and they would scatter and then forget they were even fighting in the first place.

Is it effective? YES.

Featured image

It’s also hilarious. I’ve never seen my dogs run so quickly in opposite directions. It’s also safe, and you don’t have to wrangle your dogs with scary electric collars or anything.

What can it correct? Whatever you want.

You can spray it when your dog barks or chews or jumps or anything else that you want to discourage. Just be consistent, and remember to always reward good behaviors with delicious treats.

You can buy Pet Corrector here.

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