Girl Tries Watching Bojack Horseman

As a self-aware Netflix addict, I’m always looking for the next show to binge on. Bojack Horseman was on my radar because my beloved Aaron Paul would Instagram about it every so often, and at some point I stopped drooling long enough to actually realize that he was part of this show. I looked into it a bit more, talked to some folks who watched it, and definitely saw the potential for hilarity. Now, through both seasons of the show, I’m gonna give you¬†9¬†reasons to watch it as well.

1. The cast is killer

Bojack Horseman Cast

Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, Alison Brie, Amy Sedaris. Paul Thompkins- just to name a few. Not to mention there are cameos from Patton Oswald, J.K. Simmons, John Krasinski, Joel McHale, Lisa Kudrow, Daniel Radcliffe and more.

2. Bojack is your stereotypical washed-up actor
BoJack Horseman Horsin Around

The show pokes fun at lots of stuff, one of the things being Bojack’s washed up career as the star of “Horsin’ Around.”

3. There’s a character who is just three kids stacked in a trench-coat

Bojack Vincent

Vincent is literally a couple kids stacked on top of each other in a trench-coat, and for some reason, Bojack is the only one to catch on.

4. One of the main characters is a dog named Mr. Peanut Butter


He’s your typical dog- lovable, goofy, always down for a game of fetch. He’s a hilarious character to play opposite Bojack, who is, for lack of better words, an ass.

5. Bojack is an ass


But you’ll love him despite his drinking, swearing, fornicating ways.

6. Bojack and Todd’s relationship is hilarious


Todd is Bojack’s 24 year old kind-of roommate. AKA He lives on his couch.

7. There’s a weird love triangle


At one point, Bojack starts to compete for Diane’s attention, despite her involvement with Mr. Peanut Butter. This is weird because she is a human.

8. The show makes fun of Hollywood endlessly


A perfect example being the show Excess Hollywoo, hosted by “A Ryan Seacrest Type.”

9. All of the animals in the show maintain their animal characteristics

bojack characters

The cat is fiesty, the dog is cheerful, the sloth is slow. You get the picture.

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