Girl Tries Colorfy App

Remember when you were a kid and your elders needed a way to occupy you to make sure you didn’t stick your head in an oven while they played bridge? (just me??)

Odds are, at some point or another, an adult made you color as a way to keep you busy. It’s a cheap, easy way to keep children busy. Funny enough, it’s also a cheap, easy way to keep adults busy! Meet Colorfy.

Here’s how the app works:

1. Pick your picture by scrolling through the various available albums. There are florals, mandalas, oriental designs, and more.

colorfy album

2. Pick your design. For the sake of this post, I picked this oriental design.colorfy uncolored

3. To color, zoom in and out so that you can get all of the precise details.colorfy zoom

4. Make it your own! Click the pencils to change colors, and your last three colors will be shown in the upper right.

colorfy example

You can unlock additional color palettes by purchasing them, and you can unlock additional design patterns by sharing your creations.

This app is an awesome boredom buster, especially if you’re stuck somewhere without WiFi and are tired of Candy Crush eating through your data. It’s therapeutic to meticulously color in these elaborate designs, and the results are beautiful.

Anyone else tried Colorfy or another ‘adult coloring book?’

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