Girl Tries Symaxio Bluetooth Headphones

As an avid runner.

As an average runner.

As someone who occasionally tortures myself with running, I’ve had one consistent issue.

Okay, actually, I’ve had a series of issues.

  • Lungs on fire
  • Legs made of rocks
  • Heart ready to explode
  • Sweat coming in/out of every orifice
  • Can strangers tell I’m about to die?
  • AND headphone wires getting all up in my business

Lucky for me, wireless headphones exist. Even luckier, Symaxio agreed to send me a pair fo’ free in exchange for an honest review.
bluetooth wireless headphones

What I like: 

photo 2 (2)

  • These look cool. I love green, so I’m all about the bring green. The color combo is also great cause it’s not really girly or boyish, it’s just right.
  • The sound quality is great. No static, just clean sound.
  • They work as a headset if you want to make a phone call.
  • No batteries required, just charge them.
  • When hooked up to your phone’s bluetooth, next to the bluetooth symbol is a battery indicator for the headphones.
  • Good size, not bulky.
  • Work really well.

What I don’t like:

Featured image

  • There’s a definite learning curve. Honestly, if you read the manual before trying to pair these with your phone, you’ll be better off. Figuring the controls out can be tough, so read up before use.
  • They’re great for low impact exercise, but when it comes to anything like running/jumping, they fall out of my ears. Kind of a bummer, cause this is really the only downside. I find myself having to fiddle with them in order to make them stay in.

All in all, these are awesome, and are a great buy for the price. You can find them on Amazon.

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