Girl Tries SimplyScrub

My boss’s mom had been working in a salon for years, and she created her own line of organic, all-natural body scrubs. Lucky for me, I got the hook-up with some samples so that I could test SimplyScrub for myself. Here’s the breakdown on this delicious stuff:

simplyscrub coffee

What it’s made of: all-natural, organic goodness

simplyscrub ingredients

Notice the lack of weird, hard-to-pronounce ingredients? Yeah, I like that too.

How it smells: ridiculously good.

simplyscrub line

There are four different scents- coffee, chocolate, rose, and soursop.

  • Chocolate- literally smells like a chocolate bar. Maybe using this while I’m on a diet isn’t the brightest idea, because I’ve found myself having some crazy cocoa-related fantasies.
  • Coffee- smells like your morning cup of Folgers. An awesome morning pick-me-up.
  • Rose- smells like a fresh bouquet of roses, without smelling like old-lady perfume.
  • Soursop- wonderfully fruity and refreshing.

How it feels: like exfoliating magic.

Featured image

What’s really awesome about SimplyScrub is all the cool stuff it does for your skin. These scrubs can do everything from helping clear up acne to removing dead skin to treating eczema. What I can tell you for sure is that is leaves your skin feeling silky smooth (but not greasy), and there’s no need to moisturize after the shower.

How it tastes: just kidding.

You can try SimplyScrub for yourself here– there are samples available so that you can try ’em all!

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