Girl Tries Watching Trainwreck

It seems like everyone is talking about Amy Schumer these days. She’s funny, she’s different, and she’s brutally honest. I can dig that, so naturally when I saw that she had a movie coming out I knew I had to see it. Well, I did, and I loved it. Here are my top 5 reasons why you should also go see it:

1. Lebron is in it, and he’s actually kind of funny.


Definitely unexpected, as I just kind of assumed he was a hyper-athletic blockhead. Turns out he’s a half-decent (just half though) actor, and the friendship between him and Bill Hader’s character is really funny.

2. Daniel Radcliffe is in it with a lot of dogs

daniel radcliffe lot of dogs

Most people know of that ridiculous picture of Daniel Radcliffe with like 15 dogs, and Trainwreck pays homage to the great K9 loving Harry Potter a few times throughout the flick.

3. John Cena plays a hyper-sensitive meat-head

john cena trainwreck

In the movie, as Amy bangs her way across the city, she steadily hooks up with John Cena, who plays this super-sensitive weirdo meat-head that’s totally hilarious. Another funny cameo that I did not see coming (sorry that was kind of a gross pun).

4. The movie says the things that most women want to


While some movies will have you thinking that love is when you want to fall asleep in his arms and that sex always blossoms into a quirky, beautiful relationship– that’s just not true. Honestly, as a light sleeper myself, if any dude is trying to spoon me while I’m getting my beauty rest I’m either going to bail or give him a black eye. Amy’s hilarious brutal honesty about how she likes space and doesn’t like staying over guys’ houses will definitely resonate with a lot of women.

5. Amy and Bill Hader are actually kind of precious together


I guess this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as both Amy and SNL alumĀ Bill Hader are hilarious on their own, but together they make a cute on-screen couple. Their relationship isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s simultaneously hilarious and adorable.

Anyone already seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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