Girl Tries Google Chromecast

You know when you’re going on your 7th hour of a Netflix binge and you’re really tired of having to readjust your laptop on your stomach? No? Just Me? Shit.

Well, for those of you like me, the Chromecast is the answer to your prayers. The $35 streaming stick from Google lets you stream any tab within the Google Chrome browser, as well as a bunch of apps, right to your TV screen. No more laptop burns on your thighs– booyah.

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*angelic singing*

While there are a lot of other streaming options out there, I personally love the Chromecast because of how easy it is to set up and use, and how well it works despite being inexpensive.

To set it up you just plug it into an outlet, and then plug the stick itself into the back of your TV. Then, change your TV Input until you see the Chromecast screen (trust me, you can’t miss it).


There will be a series of on-screen instructions, and you set it up from your computer by going to the provided web address, connecting the Chromecast to your wifi network, and naming it. If you need some ideas for what to call your Chromecast, may I suggest:

  • Optimus Chrome
  • Chromecastaway
  • PB&Chromey
  • Chromer Simpson
  • J.A.R.V.I.S

If anyone else has a funny name, i’d love to hear it.

The Chromecast is super easy to use once it’s set up as well. All compatible apps as well as chrome tabs will have this icon displayed somewhere, usually in the upper right.

You just click the symbol, select the Chromecast, and boom- your internet stuff is magically inside of your TV. You use your phone/computer as the remote, depending what you’re casting from, but the volume/picture controls will now be on the TV remote. I use my Chromecast with the Netflix app constantly, because it’s so easy to stream from my phone, and Netflix has a nifty little built in remote in the app. I also use it with Youtube a lot, when I want to show my friends baby animal videos but on a larger screen. The possibilities are really endless here.

Binge watching will never be the same again.

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