Girl Tries Paleo Snack Bar

I’ve now been adhering to the Whole30 for a few days, and found myself struggling with my urge to snack. I am a huge snacker, because food is awesome and should be eaten constantly. I scoured Pinterest for easy, healthy, Whole30 compliant snacks, and I saw a lot of people making copycat Larabars, which are basically fruit/nuts/other stuff.

I figured it can’t be that hard to make my own, so I grabbed two Whole30 compliant ingredients- dried prunes and cashews, and processed them together into this delicious treat.


1/2 cup dried prunes (no added sugars/nonsense!)

1/2 cup cashews

Add prunes to food processor, blend for about 20 sec, until it forms a paste. Then, add cashews, blend until the cashews are in little bits and it’s all mixed together. Dump that mixture onto a piece of parchment paper. It should look something like this:

prune cashew bar unrolled
I promise this isn’t a turd and you will want to eat this later

Then, put another piece of parchment paper on top, and roll it out to desired thickness. Once it’s rolled out, take that slab and put it in the fridge for about 15 min, so that it’s easier to cut later. Cut it into your desired shape- squares, bars, or roll it into balls which you can then roll in crushed cashews or shredded coconut or whatever your heart desires.

paleo prune cashew bar

There’s the final product. Easy, right? And it’s sweet, crunchy, and awesome. You can also add stuff to this whether you’re on the Whole30 or not. You can add other dried fruit, coconut, chocolate chips- make it yours!

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