Girl Tries Amazon Prime Day

I love Amazon. I buy things off Amazon weekly. I have Amazon Prime. More specifically, I pay every year for Amazon Prime. Naturally, when I heard about ‘Prime Day,’ I was pretty excited. Prime Day promised to bring hundreds of exclusive deals- and I was so ready to burn a hole through my credit card. Lucky for my bank account, Prime Day turned out to basically be a weird virtual garage sale of which I wanted no part.

Prime Day, if nothing else, was good for some laughs. By that I mean I literally couldn’t comprehend why some of these products were featured, and found myself cracking up about it. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Replacement Gel Pads for Slendertone Abdominal Belts

 Amazon Prime Day Fail

What is this belt? Is this one of those “Get Skinny Quick!” things? Do people still think those work?

2. Name Badge Magnetic Backing Attachments

prime day fail

I really don’t have a better caption for this other than “What?”

3. This Eye-Mask that looks like a bra

Prime day fail

For when you want maximum support up there. Like, all the way up there.

4. DVD Carrying Case

prime day funny

People still use DVD’s? Also, where are they carrying them…

5. Olaf Charm 

prime day funny

This thing is $15 on sale. Who above the age of 6 needs this? Who below the age of 6 can afford this?

And, my personal favorite:

6. A 55 gallon vat of lube

prime day funny

Amazon, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one. Just when I thought this faux garage sale couldn’t get any worse, you offer consumers 55 GALLONS OF LUBE, for OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS. I guess if you’re running a brothel or a slip and slide park, this may have some use, but seriously what the hell?

So, I left Prime Day empty handed. As did many other annoyed consumers, apparently. Anyone have any better luck with prime day/other funny stories? I’d love to hear ’em!

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6 thoughts on “Girl Tries Amazon Prime Day

  1. I remember reading how it was “better than Black Friday” but usually, Black Friday deals are amazing. Only problem is you have to risk getting shot, stabbed, shoved, etc to get those deals. But Amazon did one better. They kept you from risking your life for AN AMAZING YARD SALE selling stuff you wouldn’t buy at normal price!

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