Dog Tries Slow Feeder Bowl

Finn, our latest rescue pup, polishes off a bowl of dog food in about 20 seconds. It’s both impressive and concerning. He’ll eat super quickly, and then swell up like a bloated little balloon, and sometimes, he’ll throw the food back up.

I figured he was just stupid or hoarding or something. I didn’t take it too seriously, until I read up on it and found out how dangerous this behavior can be. It can cause major digestive issues, and in some large-breed dogs, even death.

We tried just about everything to get Finn to slow down. I would literally sit next to him and dispense a few kibbles at a time, but who has time for that? With everyone working all week, feeding him tiny meals isn’t realistic either. I had seen some other dogs using slow feeders, and was fascinated. It seemed like a really simple, easy way to slow down Finn’s raucous eating. I received this product at a heavy discount for the purposes of providing my feedback, and all views expressed are my own, honest opinions.

So, without further adieu, here’s Finn’s review of his new slow feeder bowl.

slow feeder dog bowl

I asked Finn what he thought about the general shape/color. It’s BPA-free silicone, and it’s floppy, though he did not think it was a toy. I tried interrogating him further but he seemed a bit scared of the new bowl.

His tune quickly changed once there was food in the bowl, though, because Finn would sell us all up the river for some grub,

slow feeder dog bowl test

When I asked how he liked it, he didn’t answer because he was busy chowing down AT A RATIONAL PACE. Bailey even finished eating first (this never happens). The soft silicone made it easy for him to eat without injuring himself, and he worked around the grooves to get every last kibble.

If your dog eats really quickly, I would definitely recommend getting a slow feeder bowl. There are all sorts of slow feeders out there nowadays, so you can find one that’s the right shape/color/size for your pup. You can check out some of the different slow-feed bowl available on Amazon here!

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One thought on “Dog Tries Slow Feeder Bowl

  1. This is so cool! For some reason all the dogs I’ve had were slow eaters. My dog growing up ate at a slow pace and mostly around midnight, despite us feeding him at 5 pm. He was such a silly dog. I miss him tons!


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