Girl Tries MAC Midnight Madness Eyeshadow

I’m really not a makeup expert. I envy chicks who can do ridiculous winged eyeliner and contour their faces to look 15 lb lighter and 15x hotter. I, unfortunately, cannot do either of these things. My makeup routine takes me all of 5 minutes, and doesn’t change much. The only part that really does change is my eyeshadow color/application, and sometimes some eyeliner if I’m feeling wild.

I thought I would share with you one of my favorite eye-shadows. I have dark brown eyes, and have always been told that purple complements brown eyes nicely. It’s tough to find a purplish color that doesn’t leave you looking like a drag queen, but I believe I have found that with MAC’s Mineralized “Midnight Madness” Eyeshadow.

The color is a darkish purplish with lots of sparkle, as you can see below. There is also a yellowy-golden sparkle eyeshadow, which I’m yet to find a use for.

mac midnight madness

I love a smokey eye look, so I rock this color just about every day. Below you can see how it looks on- pretty dark, and because it’s MAC, it’s awesome quality and easy to blend around. I put the yellowish sparkly color next to the purple, but you probably can’t even tell because it’s so light. I really don’t use it. I think its only value might be to add some sparkle onto an existing eyeshadow, but putting it directly on your lid doesn’t do much because of how light it is.

mac midnight madness on skin

As a daily wear eyeshadow, I definitely recommend this stuff. It’s great for people like me who like to wear darker eyeshadow to offset huge eyes, but it’s not as dramatic looking as black.

You can find it for sale on eBay or Amazon.

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