Dog Tries Stuffed Shark Toy

In honor of shark week, I decided to purchase Bailey a stuffed shark, so that she could celebrate the only way she knows how- tearing it to shit.

This was a love story for the ages, and it lasted all of 4 hours.

First, the toy was purchased. It’s Petsmart’s store brand, and it was on sale for $2.99- hell yeah. It has a little hoop on it’s nose so that when your dog isn’t destroying it, you can use it to redecorate. It’s really your standard plush toy- soft, has a little plastic squeaker, full of stuffing- really not trying to be anything other than what it is. shark toy

Next, the toy was introduced to the dog. As you can so clearly see, the tiny stuffed shark caught Bailey’s eye immediately. Love at first bite, if you will.

Bailey and Shark

Bailey violently shook it around, and proceeded to nibble on every part of the little shark. She began to nibble meticulous little holes throughout his once solid body, and bit by bit, she pulled his stuffing out. Periodically, she would stop to apologize to the shark, as can be seen here.

bailey and shark toy

Within about 3 hours, the shark was nothing more than a shark-shaped rag, which Bailey proudly carried around for another 2 hours, making sure that her puppy-brother Finn couldn’t get anywhere near her beloved Sharky. This is what became of Sharky in the end. Gone but never forgotten.

shark torn apart

The human review: Don’t buy cheap plush toys for heavy chewers/dogs who are buttholes. Stick to Kongs and other more durable toys to ensure that their playtime lasts more than a few hours.

You can follow more puppy antics @finnandbailey and follow @GirlTriesStuff on Twitter!


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