Girl Tries Argan Magic Shampoo & Conditioner

Most of my product reviews thus far have been pretty positive. That’s because for the most part, I like all of the stuff I use. However, a site that’s all positive reviews seems fake, and I like to keep it real. With that being said, here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly about Argan Magic Shampoo and Conditioner.

The good:

There were two things that drew me to buy this set. First off, I love when shampoo and conditioner are in these giant pump bottles. Partially, this is because I that giant fart sound when I’m really just trying to squeeze shampoo out of a stupid squeeze bottle, and partially because I don’t have to buy shampoo/conditioner as frequently. The pumps just make it easier to use, and I’m all about them. The second thing I liked about these products was that they smell awesome. That’s important…just because it is. Bonus: It’s paraben free- yay!

Pump bottles! *ooooh ahhhh*
Pump bottles! *ooooh ahhhh*

 The bad:

The actual tops of these pump bottles are way too small. They’d be good for a bottle of hand soap, where one or two little pumps is sufficient, but they pump insufficient product for my giant mane. I have to pump these stupid things like 28 times to get enough shampoo/conditioner to actually cover my hair. (Disclaimer: I have giant hair).

These were also pretty expensive. They were $25 for the set of two… and that’s on sale at TJ Maxx. You can get Aussie for less than half of that, and it smells just as good, and comes in much better pump bottles.

The Ugly:

My hair after using this stuff. I tried using these products exclusively for two weeks to make sure I was getting the full effect, which was entirely awful. This stuff left my hair looking extremely dull and didn’t help tame my frizz in any way. I was actually shocked by how crappy my hair looked after using this stuff. My mom even pointed out that my once luscious mane has entirely lost it’s luster. I went back to using a basic Pantene shampoo and within a few days my hair had its groove back.

I’m not even going to provide a link to buy this stuff because your money is better spent on something (just about anything) else. However, to be fair, I have heard that some of their other products (hair oils and such) do work pretty well.

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11 thoughts on “Girl Tries Argan Magic Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. Hello darling!! I´m from Brazil and I decided to buy in USA when I were there.
    I paid USD 20,00 por both (giant size) and I tought it was a fair price, considering that here we cannot buy a imported product for less a USD 50,00.

    Well… My hair became terrible… a real crap!! I tried to use it several times to be sure… but I gave up! I´ll use now Aussie, I bought too, here is too expensive also….


  2. Agree! This product is just horrible! I had another brand of arganoil shampoo and loved it. So, when I saw this big bottle of arganmagic I didnt hesitate to buy it. What a mistake! It doesnt make proper foam: I kept squeezing it “hundred” times. After washing, hair looks and feels just horrible. Even though it is written that this shampoo is for all types of hair (i suggest not to try it at all) my hair tends to be on the greasy side, so that shampoo makes it so dry, the skin of the skull starts itching (cant even imagine wat appens to dry type of hair) It feels like it turned into straw, lost its shiny look and brings only dissapointment. Don’t waste your money buying this.


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