Dogs Try BLUE Mini Bars

In their constant conquest for snackies, the dogs have bullied me into adding yet another dog treat review. This time it’s for Blue Buffalo Mini Blue Bars (Chicken & Cheddar Flavor).

Blue Wilderness Blue Bars
*not people food

These treats are very similar to Milkbones, in color and texture at least. I can’t really tell you if they taste the same, as I am a sane human being who is unwilling to eat dog treats just so I can blog about it.

blue bars
Lovely little nuggets

They’re also pretty much odorless, which I like, because a lot of my dogs’ treats smell like garbage.

These treats are awesome for a number of reasons. First off, they’re really easy to break. I know that sounds weird, but crazy dog people, you get what I’m saying. I like that I can break these up and split them between the pups, or just get more use out of less treats. Plus, it’s summer and the dogs are trying to maintain their toned physiques, so less is more here.

These treats are also by-product free! No weird mixture of chicken buttholes and pig barf here- just all natural goodness! These treats are full of chicken, cheddar cheese, apples, carrots, and oatmeal, so they’re a great treat that I’m happy to serve my dogs. The treats are also corn, wheat, and soy free, in case anyone’s dog is allergic or just trying to eat paleo.

dogs w blue bar
My dogs politely begging.

If you’d like to purchase these treats, you can find them on Amazon, or in any pet store.

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4 thoughts on “Dogs Try BLUE Mini Bars

  1. Nice review, you gave me a laugh as well (double points)! Also thanks for your sweet comment on my first blog post. 😊


  2. After my own tear jerker this was GREAT! And I have to say, Finn and Bailey’s “look” reminded me Bella and Kiwi – politely begging. Like the commenter above, you made me laugh too!


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