Girl Tries iHome iBT60 Speaker

I, like many others, was rather distraught back when Apple changed the cable for the iPhone. The charging cables weren’t a big deal, but I had an awesome iHome speaker that was no longer compatible with my phone.

Meet the tiny purple nugget of a speaker that saved my (musical) life. Just in time for bumping your favorite tunes all of 4th of July weekend- I present the iHome iBT60 Speaker.


Here’s why I love this little thing so much:

  • It’s purple! Come on, how cute?!
  • It’s small. Actually small. Like the size of a tennis ball, if even that. It can be used open (like a little accordion), or it can be used closed, where it’s literally just a compact purple nugget.
  • It’s LOUD. You adjust the volume on your phone, and if you turn it up all the way, you can hear your jams across the house. I find this ideal for alcohol-fueled underwear dance parties.
  • The sound quality is pretty good, especially for such a little speaker. I can turn my music all the way up without getting annoying radio static.
  • It’s inexpensive! I bought mine on Amazon for $30!
  • It’s cordless! Bring it anywhere. It’s perfect for tailgating or general outdoor enjoyment, as well as indoor jamming.
  • It’s easy to use- Simply turn on the speaker, turn your phone’s Bluetooth, connect to “iHome iBT60,” and play whatever you like.
  • It’s easy to charge. Pictured is the charging cable that it comes with, which can be plugged into an adapter and charged.


All in all, this little speaker was a great buy. It has entirely replaced my previous, much larger, much more expensive speakers. If you’re looking for some portable sound or are just ballin’ on a budget- check this little guy out! Also, Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the long weekend!

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