Girl Tries Watching Rihanna’s BBHMM Video

I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’ve seen everyone talking about this video so I feel like I have to watch it. I’m straight up going to write my reactions as I watch it, and then hit publish- let’s see what happens. [Note: This will spoil the video for you, if you want to watch it first, there’s a link at the bottom of the page]. 

  • Wow, a warning for language, nudity, and violence- this should be fun!
  • Shit, this is 7 minutes long?
  • Who is in that box? Are they okay?
  • What is even the point of that bra…. #NipSlipsForever
  • Oh the little dog!!! Hi buddy!!!
  • Rihanna does not look happy with this white lady
  • Why is the lady naked though?
  • Is this the lady that owes Rihanna money? I feel like she may be more inclined to pay now.
  • What happened to the dog?
  • Who are these lackeys? The one kind of looks like an edgier Lena Dunham.
  • This boat looks fun and much less gangster than the rest of the video. I’d like an invite onto this boat.
  • I’ve also wanted to shoot my phone while chucking it into the ocean before. You go girl.
  • Still wondering what happened to the dog.
  • Are they holding the lady hostage? Why are they giving her a makeover? Are they all friends now?
  • OH SHIT shes in the pool OH SHIT OH SHIT
  • Ok that is a lot of knives
  • The lady isn’t dead?!
  • Oh shiiiiiit the husband!!!! She got him too!!!!
  • Rihanna is the only person that can pull off a latex dress, damn.
  • It was Rihanna in the box!!!!
  • Is she naked?
  • I think she may be naked.
  • Okay, seriously, where is the dog?

Well, that was a whirlwind of emotions. You can watch the video here and post your own thoughts- i’d love to hear em!

Rihanna BBHMM Video

Hope the dog is okay.

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