Girl Tries Mask of Magnaminty

While I love just about all Lush products- this may be my favorite. This is the mask that made me fall in love with face masks. Fluffy, refreshing, and effective- this mask has it all.

I struggle with frequent breakouts and often oily skin, so a sales associate at Lush recommended Mask of Magnaminty and I haven’t looked back since. Seriously- i’m on my third tub already. Here’s the scoop on this minty delight.

How it looks: Kind of like muddy goop. But also kind of fun. 

mask 2

The consistency is fluffy, and it has little (all natural) beads throughout that act as an exfoliating agent. Though they’re called “Aduki Beads,” they do not smell or look like dookie at all, so don’t let that fool you.

How it smells: Like minty bliss.

mask 3

Fresh peppermint makes this mask smell awesome and leaves skin leaving refreshed.

What it’s made of: lots of good stuff. 

Honey , Kaolin , Bentone Gel , Talc , Ground Aduki Beans (Phaseolus Angularis) , Glycerine , Evening Primrose Seeds (Oenothera biennis) , Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita) ,African Marigold Oil (Tagetes erecta) , Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla Planifolia) , Limonene , Fragrance , and Chlorophyllin to be exact. 

I buy the self-preserving formula, which just means that you don’t have to refrigerate it to keep it fresh- yay for being lazy!

How I use it: Twice a week, religiously.

I slather it all over my face (you need an amount about the size of a walnut to cover your face), and let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Then just wash off, and enjoy soft, smooth skin. I finish up with some toner and moisturizer, and my skin is quenched and happy.

Bonus: This mask is cheap! $12.95 for a 4.4 oz tub, which lasts me a couple months. You can buy it from Lush directly or on Amazon.


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