Girl Tries Zeste Hair Gel

This will be the first of many Lush products on this blog. Why? Because I love love love Lush. Lush is a company dedicated to providing quality beauty products, from soaps to makeup, without exploiting the environment, animals, or the people who make the products. I think we can all agree on how badass that is.

The first Lush product that I bring you is Zeste, a medium to strong hair gelly. Yes, gelly with a g, and yes, it’s called Zeste because it smells like zesty citrus deliciousness. Lush products always have cute names and quirky descriptions guaranteed to make you giggle. When’s the last time your hair gel made you smile?

Here’s the down-low on this delightful gel. I think the three main things you need to know about Zeste are what it’s made of, how it smells, and how it feels.

Here’s what it’s made of, straight from the Lush Website

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 10.32.24 PM

I personally grew tired of using paraben-loaded products that left my hair looking like uncooked Ramen Noodles. That’s why Lush is great- they make their products from mostly natural ingredients, yet they’re still effective.

How it smells: really good. 

finn zeste

It smells like if orange juice and flowers made a baby, and that baby smelled awesome. My dog found it rather delightful and tried to eat it.

How it feels: Weird, but good weird. 

photo 5

So the only minor downside is that to use the gel, you need to stick your hand in the jar and scoop out a little chunk of the gel, rub it between your hands, and through your hair. If it came in a little squeeze tube, it would be perfect, but then it wouldn’t be Lush. Little black (recycled!) pots are Lush’s signature thing. You can use the gel on wet or dry hair, though I usually use a bit while it’s wet. It has great hold, and doesn’t make your hair overly crunchy. If you can look past the consistency, which isn’t that of a typical gel, then this is a really awesome product.

Bonus: It’s only $12.95 for a tub, and the tub will last you a long time. If you’re not sure that you want to commit to a whole tub, you can go into any Lush store and ask for a sample to take home and try for yourself. Find a Lush near you and get Zeste!

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