Girl Tries eos Lip Balm

I will never forget the first time I saw someone pucker up and smear a tiny, colorful egg on their mouth. I was deeply confused, and yet kind of interested. I eventually realized that these were not re-purposed Easter eggs, rather they are filled with delightful smelling lip balm.

I finally caved and purchased one. I got ‘Summer Berry,’ which smells kind of like fruit punch. I happily smacked it on my lips and went about my day. It lasted for a few hours, and when I had to re-apply, I just smeared the little egg on my lips and I was golden. Then- something magical happened.

You know when you put on chapstick and a little bit gets on your tongue? It’s the worst. I wish that taste on all of my enemies, because it tastes like bitter, salty, chemical crap. The eos egg; however, actually has a slightly sweet taste.

Yes you read that right- this chapstick tastes decent.

I am by no means encouraging consumption of lip balm, and if you think I am, than please stop reading this and talk to a mental health professional. I am simply stating that if a little bit of chapstick gets into your mouth, as is usually the case, then it’s not the worst thing in the world.

I also love that eos has a variety of scents. I have expanded my collection to include Strawberry Shortcake, which smells like a strawberry milkshake, and Sweet Mint, which smells like minty gum, but less pungent.

As far as quality goes, eos is definitely on par with other lip balms that i’ve tried, and might just be better. It keeps my lips smooth and soft. However, as with any chapstick, you have to reapply every few hours or your lips will start to feel like they’re made of sandpaper.

Overall, I definitely recommend this product. Major bonus: the unique shape makes it easy to find at the bottom of your purse- score! These products are also all-natural and organic. Check eos out here.

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