Girl Tries Marshmallow Cupcake Flowers

Around the time of my baby cousin’s first birthday, I was asked to help decorate some cupcakes. I didn’t want to do the standard icing with sprinkles, so I searched the internet for some unique cupcake decorations, and came across this article about using marshmallows as cupcake toppers.

First, you need a bag of mini marshmallows. Second, colored sugar. Third, unfaltering determination and time to kill.

All you have to do is cut the marshmallows diagonally so as to make little petals. Toss them in a plastic bag, and add the colored sugar. Close the bag and shake violently, so the colored sugar adheres to the sticky parts of the marshmallows. Get rid of the excess sugar, and voila- little petals. Then just arrange the petals on an iced cupcake however you choose. I chose to put purple candies in the center of mine for some added pizzazz, and my cupcakes were gigantic, so they took extra long to do.

This method is definitely an easy way to make cupcakes look really fancy if you don’t have much artistic ability. The only downside is that it is a bit tedious.


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