Dogs Try Flossies

Yes, I know the blog is called “Girl Tries Stuff,” but i’m not willing to eat dog treats for your sick enjoyment. My dogs; however, were very open to the idea and were happy to contribute a ruff-iew.

Product Name: Flossies Dental Chews

Made by: Merrick

So these treats look like curly little snakes.


When you open the bag, it kind of smells like garlic, teriyaki sauce, and diaper. However, it’s like doggie crack, so they flock. The treats are gluten-free if you’re a high maintenance dog or supermodel on a diet, and they’re meant to clean doggie teeth and freshen breath.


Do they really make a huge difference? Ehhhh, when your dogs eat poop for a living, not much is gonna help in the breath department. However, their shape makes them easy for dogs to chew apart and eat, though you may want to monitor smaller dogs while they eat it to make sure they don’t swallow large chunks.

My dogs happily consume bag after bag of these, and they give them two paws up.

If you’re interested, you can buy them at just about any pet store or on Amazon.


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