Girl Tries Blogging

At the tender age of 21, I find myself constantly bombarded by questions.

What are you gonna do with your life?

When are you gonna settle down?

Why are you still in pajamas?

Honestly, I can’t answer any of those. All I know is that I’ve found myself struggling with finding something I love to do and just doing it. I’ve always enjoyed writing, so- why not start a blog?

This blog is going to chronicle me trying stuff. Sound vague? That’s because it is. I’m not going to limit myself in any way. Sometimes i’m gonna try recipes. Sometimes, when i’m feeling particularly masochistic, workouts. Sometimes, DIY projects. Sometimes, I’ll test popular products and see if they’re worth the money. Though I can’t guarantee the outcome of any of the above, I can guarantee this will be fun.

I promise to be honest- like, painfully so. As someone with a background in marketing, I know how much brands like to embellish, so I’m gonna move in the opposite direction. I’m not a professional chef, a master carpenter, or a Victoria’s Secret Model (shocking, I know), I’m just your average girl with a thirst for life and an endless willingness to embarrass myself. Also, I have wonderful family and friends who will probably let me torture them, and two cute dogs who don’t have a choice but to help me.

Here goes nothing.


6 thoughts on “Girl Tries Blogging

  1. You sound like a Girl Scout, doing grown-up Try-Its. 😉 I like it. I like the look, and the inspiration. I worked in my pajamas all day today. The more important question, I think, is “Why would you ever get out of pajamas if you didn’t have to wear real clothes?”

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